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Gabor Horvath (spam-protected)
Do Aug 17 11:08:59 CEST 2006

Thanks Michael and Sebastian for the quick answer.
The flat where I live is owned by Siemens (actually, this is an
apartment flat), and I'm not sure if is it permitted to put anything
to the roof, so I think I can built antenna only to my window. :-) But
my flat is at 4th floor, quite high. So, what antenna do you recommend
me from this site:
I can see v13.freiesnetz.funkfeier.at or something like that, maybe
you need this information , because of the signal strength.

I'm not so familiar in wireless antennas, that's why I need your advice.



On 8/17/06, Michael Bauer <(spam-protected)> wrote:
> Dear Gabor,
> > 1. What antenna am I need, and what wlan router? I got a very cheap
> > and SOHO D-Link 514, but I plan to buy a WRT54G.
> You can check if the D-Link is supported by either Freifunk or OpenWRT
> firmware, if so, you can use that one. Antenna depends on your situation
> to the general network, it is best to build a pole on the roof and get
> at least 2 antennas (one direct connecting to a direct peer and one
> omnidirectional antenna). If you do not hesitate to invest money we
> would suggest you to get 5Ghz (802.11a) equipment as the quality is
> better.
> > 2. What is the monthly fee? Ok, I know this is a private network, with
> > the sponsoring of ISPs, but it's not clear to me, how you get incomes
> > to pay for the bandwidth.
> There is no monthly fee, donations are welcome. Bandwith is donated and
> partly payed of a sister-project (community based housing/datacenter).
> > 3. Is it open for foreign peoples also, or only to residents in Vienna?
> As you live in a place where you can recieve the signal, the network is
> open for you. Feel free to meet us on monday.
> greetings mihi
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