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Gregor Glashüttner (spam-protected)
Do Aug 17 21:22:25 CEST 2006

Hi Gabor!

2006/8/17, Gabor Horvath <(spam-protected)>:
> The flat where I live is owned by Siemens (actually, this is an
> apartment flat), and I'm not sure if is it permitted to put anything
> to the roof, so I think I can built antenna only to my window. :-) But
> my flat is at 4th floor, quite high. So, what antenna do you recommend
> me from this site:
> http://www.addel.hu/template/temp1/products.php?storeid=348&prcategory=2591

If you really can´t put anything onto the roof (most times it is possible,
people are only too lazy to check it out), you´re probably best off with
antenna number 13 (vertical polarisation), as it will cover the whole 180°
off the wall if you put it next to your window. But you should really check
about the roof first, since otherwise your node will probably only connect
to a single other node, what makes it something like a dead end street to
the network.

Kind regards, Gregor

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