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Mitar (spam-protected)
Mon Sep 6 04:34:34 CEST 2010


> BTW, I've been talking with people of many communities here. Some of
> them know about you in slovenia...

Interesting. ;-)

> I tryied to encourage them about the interop project, I think they
> became very excited on this, they also find that a very good initiative
> for all of us.

Yes, we could really do a global project around that.

> Wait, important! Comuns XOLN is a global agreement, not a network specific.

I know. What I meant is that it has knowledge which you as a network
accumulated: experiences, situations, problems.

In this sense it is similar to your schema. It has a lot of knowledge
incorporated. What I am saying is that we try to make something we can
all agree upon and *understand* (reasons behind clauses and similar).

Maybe the result will be exactly the same license as you already have.
Maybe we will improve it in some way. Maybe we will find problems with it.

My point is not so much in the content (I believe you are making it so
that is it useful globally, minus some jurisdiction particularities for
other countries you cannot really do yourself) but in how this license
is presented. Creative Commons is doing here a great job and I thin we
should look upon them.

Like we should have a few of simple and graphical bullets for people to
understand, then we should have a long text meant for lawyers. And we
would have to do on porting some global license to particular
jurisdictions (not just translating them). I was talking with people who
were porting Creative Commons to Slovenia and I got small but positive
response that they would be interested in doing similar also to such

So in this sense I am saying that your license is currently specific to
your network: it uses your language, it uses your names and similar, it
is made for your jurisdiction. It is made with global view (act locally,
think globally) but it is not yet there. And what I am saying: let's get
it there!

This one is also more verbose than PPA:



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