[Interop-dev] GSOC: interop between mesh/community networks?

Nicolás Echániz (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 18 09:19:00 CET 2015

On 02/15/2015 08:03 PM, Mitar wrote:
> Hi!
>> On 02/15/2015 11:45 PM, Mitar wrote:
>>>>> Why don't we propose more projects that deal with interoperability?
>>> Maybe some test suite? So sometimes when defining standards, one define
>>> a test suite implementer has to pass to be certified.
>> Something like a validator?
> Good question. We do probably all agree that our interoperability works
> over HTTP and JSON. So some kind of web validator services where you can
> enter your API URL could be helpful. Like W3C has them.
> On the other hand it could just be documented tests with outputs. Not
> really code-based. But validator is probably even cooler.
> I do not have a full proposal here. Just a very vague idea/suggestion.

Federico, I remember talking with you about a similar idea during a meal
we shared at Saverio's in Rome.

We talked about creating a test-suite, with a similar philosophy to what
is usually done in Test Driven Development/Continuous Integration, but
for networks, or more precisely, network components, services or devices.

We also considered this in AlterMundi and there are a couple things we
know we'd like to test regularly. For example:
- test that basic parameters (packet loss, latency and throughput)
measured from gateway nodes to every node that is using each gateway are
acceptable (according to some base values).
- test that each node has at least one neighbor to which the same basic
parameters are acceptable (according to some other base values).
- test that each wireless node has at least one neighbor with a signal
strength or SNR above a certain value.
- test that noise floor does not exceed certain values at each node.

These tests could be run for example during high traffic hours and then
again during lowest traffic hours.

Such tests could be run periodically (maybe once a day). The network, as
well as each node could report it's SUCCESS or FAILED status on the last
run, so net admins can plan corrective actions.

Historic data on such tests would help keep the network healthy and
performant. We would also have some standard tests to compare network
performance in different deployments.


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