[Interop-dev] Salt, Docker, generator images

Mitar (spam-protected)
Mon Feb 23 19:39:32 CET 2015


Just wanting to share some new stuff we have been using in wlan
slovenija network.

So for managing our servers, we started using Salt and Docker. You can
find our Salt configurations here:


We are putting all stuff into Docker images. Like nodewatcher, routing, etc.


And interesting thing we started doing is putting OpenWrt firmware
generators for each platform into its own Docker image:


In this way it is easy to share already compiled firmware generators.
People do not have to compile them themselves. You can then simply SSH
into it and compile images for that platform. (We use nodewatcher to
connect to them and compile based on the set of packages our users want
and with configuration baked in into the image itself.)

For gateways and VPN servers, we are simply using (or planing to use)
OpenWrt images generated by nodewatcher. :-) For x86 platform and it
works. In this way it is easy to reuse the existing stack. The servers
above are mostly for website, nodewatcher itself, etc.

We have also quite few OpenWrt packages:


So for OpenWrt we are trying to put everything into packages. For
servers into Docker images.

For configuring the network stack for Docker we are using:


Some random apps we created:


I am sharing all this stuff so that others see if there is anything
interesting so that we do not duplicate too much things. Or that we
might use the same patterns/tools to be easier to reuse. Like Salt,
Docker. The most interesting for me is that if we would agree upon a
simple format for generator images, it would be a great way to share
firmware builders one can simply plug into their own systems. We all use
OpenWrt based stuff, this is then just to make module around it so that
I can ship to somebody a firmware they are not used to, but they can
still generate it with tools they are used to.



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