[Interop-dev] GSOC: interop between mesh/community networks?

Mitar (spam-protected)
Mon Feb 16 00:03:14 CET 2015


> On 02/15/2015 11:45 PM, Mitar wrote:
>>>> Why don't we propose more projects that deal with interoperability?
>> Maybe some test suite? So sometimes when defining standards, one define
>> a test suite implementer has to pass to be certified.
> Something like a validator?

Good question. We do probably all agree that our interoperability works
over HTTP and JSON. So some kind of web validator services where you can
enter your API URL could be helpful. Like W3C has them.

On the other hand it could just be documented tests with outputs. Not
really code-based. But validator is probably even cooler.

I do not have a full proposal here. Just a very vague idea/suggestion.



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