[Interop-dev] Discussion is still!

Nicolás Echániz (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 27 20:52:00 CEST 2012

On 04/27/2012 02:37 PM, Duncan Ward wrote:
> We've been a bit busy here resorting our hosting...the server is being
> installed in the next week, and this will allow me to have both a
> "production" and "development" install of <insertnamehere>
> I suggested nodesoup and certainly still stand behind it, the original
> thinking was around the stone soup parable, where all the participants
> bring their own contribution and the end product is greater than any
of the
> individual parts.
> However I also like the branding idea behind *stack, such that each
> component can carry the same name and they all get bundled into a custom
> stack. My only concern with this is the use of the word free which
> is ambiguous in English, and taking inspiration from the well known phrase
> "free as in liberty rather than free as in beer", I propose;
> libertystack.org
> and from there we have libertynode, libertyconf, libertysplash,
> libertypancakes, etc...

Guido, from DeltaLibre had pointed out (on a private chat we had) the
same thing about the ambiguity of the word Free. He proposed we use
Libre instead.
It's quite generally accepted nowadays the use of the word Libre (common
to many "latin-based" languages) as a replacement for the english word
Free in the Free Software, Free Culture, Free ...  scene.

LibreStack and it's LibreX components sounds great to me.

Liberty sounds good too, but it's a bit longer and I like short,
to-the-point names.


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