[Interop-dev] Great outcome! Let's decide on a name

Mitar (spam-protected)
Sat Apr 7 14:51:00 CEST 2012


> The thing I want to understand is the following:
> Are we developing something new? Or are we developing nodewatcher?
> In the first case the name should be new, in the second the name should
> stay.

Hm. I see it as both. We will use the core of nodewatcher, and the rest
of nodewatcher (concrete functionalities) we will move to modules
(plugins, Django apps). Then we will move other functionalities of other
communities into modules too, alongside those originally from
nodewatcher. And then we will start merging them, on case to case basis,
in a way developers of those modules will see it.

Some of those modules we will name (core) "modules" and some "contrib"
(or "extra", I prefer the later name).

In this way we will have a cleaner upgrade path from existing installations.



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