[Interop-dev] Great outcome! Let's decide on a name

Federico Capoano (spam-protected)
Sat Apr 7 14:18:09 CEST 2012

Il 07/04/2012 13.38, Mitar ha scritto:
> One more reason is that for me is quite surprise to have voting. I am
> not used to voting. Mostly I am used to consensus decision making. You
> have to convince others that your proposal is better. If you cannot, you
> have three options:
> - show it (for example, in the code, show it that it really works)
> - accept some other proposal
> - merge/create a new proposal
> Yes, it is slower. But it is better. Are we really in a hurry? With a
> name? No, we are not.
> (And for those who would say that consensus decision making does not
> work, it does, because you have two forces working into its favor:
> possibility of fork (which nobody wants, so you are willing to
> compromise) and option that if nobody agrees with you you can always do
> it/show it yourself (or with others who agrees with you), it is not
> always really necessary to have a complete consensus, because often
> multiple proposals can live both be tried (and here it is important that
> you are willing to go with your proposal to the stage to be possible to
> be tried, not just propose it).)
> Direct/simple voting is for me tyranny of majority. For me this is a
> surprise. But OK. If we want to do voting, then let us decide who can
> vote. Is this not a normal question to ask?

I agree, we are not in a hurry, let's not just vote and the majority
wins. Let's discuss.
Voting is good to see which are the options where there is more consensus.

Bytheway Mitar weren't you the one that reminded us to use the titanpad
to put names on? So I guess Mario was intending that for voting. He
might have been simply following your suggestion, I don't think (and
hope) he meant to vote in a "democratic" way where the majority rules.

The thing I want to understand is the following:

Are we developing something new? Or are we developing nodewatcher?
In the first case the name should be new, in the second the name should

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