[Interop-dev] Great outcome! Let's decide on a name

L. Aaron Kaplan (spam-protected)
Tue Apr 3 12:07:40 CEST 2012

I prefer a new name because nodewatcher is associated strongly with 
WLAN Slovenia.  So that is in my head sort of reserved already.  


On 03.04.2012, at 10:21, Mitar <(spam-protected)> wrote:

> Hi!
> As one of developers of nodewatcher system I just want to say that it is
> OK with us if we continue to use the nodewatcher name. We do not hold
> any exclusivity over it. The whole project and current refactoring into
> pluggable system was envisioned as a gift to all communities.
> For interop-dev task force we have already made the GitHub account:
> https://github.com/interop-dev
> And there is a general interop page too:
> interop.wlan-si.net
> Mitar
>> Hi everyone,
>> it was great to meet you in Greece. I would like to follow up on the
>> meeting. For me the most important outcome was, that we will work
>> together for a common network/node map service and database. In order
>> to get started we should decide on the name we want. I am pasting the
>> suggested names below.
>> What name? I took out the previous votes as we had a number of new
>> suggestions and discussions after the first ones put up their name.
>> Hope you agree. Please vote again in a final vote. The name should
>> reflect somehow our goal - to make a platform communities and
>> companies can use and with its help deploy networks.  Put your name
>> after the proposals that you like. I think it is ok to vote several
>> times. Let's say three votes per person? The current project of
>> wlan-si is called nodewatcher. The current project of Ninux is called
>> nodeshot. We want to combine the existing projects: Italian and
>> Wlan-Si and possibly others.
>> Below the list of suggestions. Please add your name on the Titanpad:
>> http://titanpad.com/interop
>> All the best,
>> Mario
>> nodebang.org
>> nodestarter.org
>> netbang.org
>> buildacommunity.net
>> nodesoup
>> commoni.net (Common Community Net)
>> commonity.net.net
>> your-net.org
>> younet.org - for sale
>> planet-net.org
>> netigniter.org
>> ignitenet.org
>> buildnet.org
>> createnet.org
>> nodewatcher
>> netcomma.org (network community manager)
>> netcommand.org
>> mesh-alliance.com
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