[Interop-dev] Topology JSON

Nemesis (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 4 21:48:29 CET 2015


Sorry friends, I'm getting confused.

Let's go back on the goal. What do we want from NetworkTopology JSON and
NetworkRoutes JSON?

I know what I want, I would like to have some kind of JSON, that I can
give in input that JSON to a visualization library and the library will
draw a graph representing the network.

Plus, I would like to be able to represent the static routes of a device
in a configuration object, or the routes of a routing table as seen by a

And I would like that these two structures would be able to represent
the common cases of the open source routing protocols used in mesh /
community networks plus it would be great to support OSPF.

Can we achieve these 2 results with the two (draft) objects that we have
now (NetworkRoutes and NetworkTopology)?


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