[Interop-dev] common manageable firmware

Mitar (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 13 09:39:52 CEST 2012


> AAron and Mitar did a great job, we could start from their schema and
> decide some kind of "classes" (e.g. Node, Interface, Service), and put
> them in a Django model. In other words, decide the types.

One proposal for that can be found here, for configuration models:


and monitoring models:


And yes, the main idea is to create this in a OOP way, so things can be
extended by plugins/modules/addons/Django apps (I prefer the name module).

> How we can do that with Django? More django APP in the same project?

Exactly. I propose we put every functionality in its own module (Django
app). This module can provide templates and static files (CSS,
JavaScript files). Then in your installation you can override those with
your changes:

- with an additional app you put at the end
- with static files and templates in the project

The main idea is that templates which are provided by modules are
modular themselves. One common pattern is that they assume to extend
"base.html", then just add content to it. If somebody wants to change
how overall look of the installation looks like, she just want to change
"base.html", but all modules still successfully integrate into this.

> Which kind of API we would like to export so that the same mobile apps
> could work on all our map-servers?

The lowest level is to provide a RESTful API. This means direct access
to models in the database. So if we decide on the schema, API is very
close from there.

We could provide additional APIs later on, but I think we should start
with RESTful API first and then based on needs start adding more. But
RESTful API would allow us fast compatibility between programs/services
in different languages or existing/legacy systems.

(All this above of course is just proposal. I am just presenting the
ideas, because we have spend last year in wlan slovenija thinking about
them. I am eager to see improvements to those ideas.)


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