[Interop-dev] common manageable firmware

Mitar (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 12 23:57:46 CEST 2012


> I am trying to do an openwrt based firmware, usable by all the
> communities, so it will be more flexible that the actual firmware we
> have on ours communities.

I think there are two approaches here communities are taking:

- static/same firmware you apply to nodes and then do manual or
automatic on top of it once they are connected to the network
- generated firmware for one specific node with configuration in some
way "baked in"

There is one proposal for this year's GSoC from Freifunk community for
improving the second approach. In the sense of building a more
customizable official OpenWrt image builder + web interface.

(We are using also the second approach in wlan slovenija, but with our
own image generator combined with our node database.)

So the first approach is not familiar to me. But it could be maybe
interesting to combine them? Like to have first approach a failback for
the second one?

Anyway, the best would be to push this into OpenWrt together with that
new image builder system? Maybe this could be just one option for that
image builder system? Like an "auto-configuring" node? So my only
suggestion is: we should combine our efforts also on this.


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