[Interop-dev] common manageable firmware

Gioacchino Mazzurco (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 12 23:47:53 CEST 2012

I am trying to do an openwrt based firmware, usable by all the
communities, so it will be more flexible that the actual firmware we
have on ours communities.

To satisfy differents needs it will have a set of compile option to
chose some basic parameters, for example I was thinking about make it
routing protocol agnostic, so you can chose routing protocol at compile
time, or have a very simple local web interface to make easier point
directional devices that we can choose to put in or not at compile time.

The basic idea is to make a very minimal setup that permit to the node
to just make mesh with the other nodes at first boot and be reached by
the node* distributed management system, so node* will apply the
"working" config to the node, each community can provide something like
a "config template" for the management system if their needs doesn't
fits well in preexistent templates, so node* should provide to the node
owner a very simple interface that will make him choose between
templates or modify editable option of the chosen template

what do you think about that ?

any suggestion?

any things you already know that doesn't work ?


On 04/12/12 23:13, Mitar wrote:
> Hi!
>> I think Aaron you should ask before doing decision next time, and Mitar
>> you should forgive Aaron for acting so impulsive this time.
> I forgive him. No problem. I have no personal grudges against him. He is
> a great guy! And everything is still fixable. We just define how we will
> decide the name and decide the name. And then buy that domain name and
> configure the rest.
>> Saturday and Sunday I'll be together Saverio and Federico to talk about
>> this and the new common firmware integrated with node* I am trying to
>> develop for the gsoc, do yyou have any suggestion?
> Please explain more what is the current idea so that we could give you
> more feedback?
> Mitar

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