[Interop-dev] domain name / project name

Mitar (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 12 22:39:47 CEST 2012


> But I already have a very very strong feeling we repeat *exactly* the
> situation that brought us to a halt with the first attempt to have a
> common node DB format: Mitar needs to always have things done his
> way.

Oh, throwing stones at a person not at its arguments? Good way to
argument. But still, it is not true. I just want that we do not do
arbitrary decisions just because "we are in hurry". You are repeating
the same things you have done in the past and yes, I am again arguing
that this is not the way to do things in a group of people where we want
some common decision making.

So yes, your way of decision making made a halt first time and sorry,
you made it again.

> I prefer to simply have rough consensus (which I for sure saw already
> by the voting) and proceed.

Yes. You prefer. But you know, community is about US not YOU. Maybe you
should start also to think about others? We are trying to build
something bigger than any of our communities is. And this means we do
have to add some additional energy into this to be it possible. At least
in the beginning because we do not operate in the same way. As it is

Yes, I really believe it is important that everybody feels as a part of
this bigger thing. If we are just making arbitrary decisions without
trying to find solutions which will satisfy in some way all, it will be
really a very short project, this ours.

So I agreed to have a vote (this is probably a sign that I do not want
everything to be my way), but I believe it should be conducted in a
clear way. Is this too much to ask for?


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