[Interop-dev] domain name / project name

Mitar (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 12 22:03:26 CEST 2012


> The other voting roung (who decided about multiple voting rounds.... 
> geeeez!) got *STUCK*

So? Then we should encourage people to vote. Not just "find" results
somewhere else you like and say this is it.

> NO! sorry, if you start to play any grassroots democracy games with
> voting forever and blocking people from proceeding because you always
> have a veto and always can add yet another veto, then I am out of
> here. These processes do not lead anywhere.

What voting forever? I am for democracy. Not for one *you* deciding on
your free whim how things should be. The last e-mail went that we have a
final round (not send by me!) and now you just decided by yourself
without any discussing with others. No announcement, not saying, "OK,
let's do like that, any final objections". Nothing.

Sorry, this is really not a way to cooperate among different communities.

I am not saying to have a complicating way of making decisions. Of
having vetos, of having I do not know what. But to have some way. Some
way we agree on. And the way you are taking (deciding by yourself) is
not the way I can agree with.

Don't twist my words. I just want a clear way of how we are deciding
common things. Is this too much to ask? I am all for effective work and
not taking too much time for discussions. But still things which we find
we have to decide on, let decide on. Together. In a way to satisfy all.


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