[Interop-dev] domain name / project name

Mitar (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 12 21:35:22 CEST 2012


> So, we have *equal* number of votes for netbang.org, nodesoup.

Where are you counting this?


Final vote process
nodewatcher - mitar, Kostko
nodesoup - (Federico's favorite)
netsoup - Federico

> I registered two domains:

Sorry. We haven't yet decided on voting, so you are doing this too fast.
I really do not understand why are you so in hurry. And just do things
impulsively without discussing? I cannot support this.

I am sorry that you bought the domains, but we should really do this
things in a better way. If we are voting, we have to decide: who is
voting, how long are we voting and how are we voting. And definitely
before wrapping the votes up, we should discuss things before you go and


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