[Interop-dev] mapserver UI

Mitar (spam-protected)
Sat Apr 7 23:04:17 CEST 2012


> How this project will look like? I mean, not just the "colors", but what
> it will display to people?

We will have to make all this customizable.

> My personal opinion is: frontend with a big map, search and
> visualization options and tools and some social stuff (fb, twitter
> buttons or whatever). Really simple.
> Other pages/tabs with a bigger level of details for technicians, maybe
> "inspired" by [1] Ubiquiti AirControl, but read-only for anonymous user
> (so that people could use the mapserver for troubleshooting, and curious
> ppl could see more details).

I think this should all be configurable. For example, you could have
multiple modules providing different things: like list of all nodes,
map, and so on. Which one you provide as default, you configure.

For example, check nodewatcher. Here, we have list as a default:


But we also have a map (way less powerful than nodeshot):


So if you have a powerful map and a powerful list, you can configure
which one is presented as a default.

Even more. We have been also thinking of displaying different content
based on the type of user (visitor, registered, beginner, advanced,
project admin, whole network admin). For example, beginner would be
allowed only basic node configuration. Advanced could select their own
IPs overriding automatic IP allocation (just an example, we use this in
our network).

And still more. For registered users all nodes are interesting, up,
down, future, planned, whatever. But for visitors probably just nodes
currently active are interesting, by default (of course they should be
able to select also other types/layers, but I am talking about defaults

> Moreover: do you think the mapserver should store nodes password?

We do store them, but this should also be customizable. If you use
module which works like that, then it stores. But you are not required
to do so. (Or you can just simply not use that field.)


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