[Discuss] CCC streams

Teemu Schaabl (spam-protected)
Di Jan 3 14:52:46 CET 2006

Rama((spam-protected))@2006.01.03 13:25:52 +0100:
> wow, it's very sad to see that ccc was using proprietary codecs on their
> video streams...
> seems that nobody knew about ogg/theora?
> weird, anyhow they were using icecast2, which has support for theora for
> quite a while now, and works VERY fine. just a pitty, it was a step
> away..
> Aaron: maybe you want to forward this lines to them? it might probably
> help for the next ccc.
> using proprietary codecs like wmv, is voll bullshit.

blablah,blahblah .. propietary codec .. blahblah, blahblah leads to:




"Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision
 for the limits of the world." - Schopenhauer

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