[Wien] opens source router-talk at metalab 11.11. 18:00

Isa (spam-protected)
Do Nov 3 11:39:19 CET 2016

Wir wollen euch das LibreRouter Projekt vorstellen.

Am 11.11. um 18:00 im Metalab

LibreRouter- Open Source Hardware for community based networks (wifi)

We are Gui and Isa from AlterMundi(Argentina) working with mesh networks
in Latin America. A few months ago we started a Open Hardware Project
together with partners in South Africa, Germany, Australia, Canada und
Hong Kong in order to produce a Router that is designed for the needs of
communities in Latin America. Since many partners joined the team the
project is expanding and a team in south africa is focussing on
implementing andoptimising the solar panel usage for more autonomy and
because of the lack of electricity in the region.

Since the battlemesh recon visit will take place, Marek will be in
Vienna as well and we want to take the chance to present the librerouter
project to people that are interested.


We are looking forward meeting you!!
Isa and Gui

Further information:


zu den Netzwerken in Argentinien gibt es einen deutschen Artikel

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