[Interop-dev] Network Device JSON Schema

Jernej Kos (spam-protected)
Sun Oct 26 19:00:27 CET 2014


On 26. 10. 2014 18:43, Nemesis wrote:
> *1. *Have you ever felt the need of having a widely used standard
> structure to represent network-devices?

Well, we have had a need for a structure to represent telemetry data
coming from the nodes. And as different nodes can provide different
telemetry (think also about various sensors), the schema supporting this
data must be modular and extensible.

We need this in order for nodewatcher to then parse this information and
process it further.

> *2. *Do you agree with this definition?
> /A network device is any device which is connected to a layer2 or layer3
> network and should provide some basic information/ (let's define what
> this minimum information is).

I agree with this definition.

> *3. *Do you like the idea of starting small?

Well, for our needs as written above, the minimal requirement is
modularity and extensibility. This is why a monolithic schema is not
good for us.

If this "small schema" would already be modular, then we have no problem
with starting small.


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