[Interop-dev] Common API

Federico Capoano (spam-protected)
Thu Aug 1 18:59:29 CEST 2013

There you have it.

I imported about 40 public wifi hotspots records from Genova, plus
inserted an invented one in Rome.


When I change something on my application, your DB is synced. Except for
the delete operation which does not seem contemplated by your
application because from what i've understood nodes should get pushed daily.

But that would not be a problem too, since the synchronizer might be
tweaked to do that and run daily.

Here's the code i had to write to make this work:


Some more code would be needed to cover all the possible cases, but I
think you guys got my point.

It works like this:

  * data might to be pulled and synced from an external source regularly
    (JSON, XML, whatever)
  * data might be pushed and synced to an external source regularly
    (RESTful API)
  * as data changes locally, the external db might be synced too,
    methods to implement are: add, change, delete
  * as data changes externally, it might sync the local database too if
    the webapp implements a similar mechanism

2 completely different APIs but still interoperable.
Not rocket science, not extremely smart, but doable in a short amount of
time. I think it would be good as a starting point.


Il 07/31/2013 10:40 AM, André Gaul ha scritto:
> Hey Federico,
> Am 30.07.2013 18:03, schrieb Federico Capoano:
> > thank you. Is there a chance I can have a testing layer on which
> > to perform some quick tests without having to install it locally?
> absolutely! I just set up a fresh openwifimap-dev db:
>   https://openwifimap.iriscouch.com/_utils/database.html?openwifimap-dev
> The API URL is
>   http://devapi.openwifimap.net/
> and a map using this API is
>   http://devmap.openwifimap.net/
> I pushed one node s.t. the map isn't empty ;). Feel free to do
> whatever you want in the openwifimap-dev db.
> And please keep us up-to-date on the progress.
> ciao,
> André
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