[Interop-dev] a crazy little thing called yaffmap

Dennis Bartsch (spam-protected)
Sun May 13 23:03:42 CEST 2012

Hi Mitar,

> Some questions. I would like to better understand your data schema:
> yaffmap_node.isDummy - what and why?
> yaffmap_node.isGlobalUpdated - what and why?
These attributes have to do with the possiblity to upload a global topology view of a single node to the map server.
If there is a node in this view which does not send information by its own to the map server a dummy node has to be 
created with the limited information that is available. But there may also be the case that a node once had updated 
its data but does not anymore. But because it still in the topology view of a node in his mesh it can be globally updated 
but not a dummy.

> yaffmap_node.replicatedBy - what and why?
This attribute holds the ID of the map server this node was pulled from during replication.
As said in the first mail, the possibility for decentral operation was an important point.

> yaffmap_node.agentRelease - what and why?
> yaffmap_node.tree - what and why?
To make things easier for us we implemented an automatic agent upgrade.
With the tree option you can choose whether is should upgrade devel or stable or even special trees communities maintain on their own.
The attribute agentRelease is simply the version number of the agent running on the mesh node.
On the server side my friend implemented a mapping between compatible server and agent versions. 
That way the user of the mesh node does not have to care about which agent version he is running. 
He simply has to configure a valid server.

Hope this helped

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