[Interop-dev] List reply-to

Mitar (spam-protected)
Mon May 7 23:59:16 CEST 2012


> is there any reason the reply-to setting of the maillist is not the
> maillist itself?

Does your e-mail client support group reply/reply to all? It is a good
thing to learn to use that when you want to reply to the mailing list.
This is by some mailing list culture evangelist "the right way" to
configure the mailing list. So that reply goes to the sender, reply all
to the mailing list. But of course this is very open to debate.


I personally have no preference here. I always use reply all by default
and only delete out things when I want to send personally something.
Which is much much rarer event.

(Just trying to explain a possible reason why it could be configured
like this. I do not know the reason. Maybe it is just default.)


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