[Interop-dev] a crazy little thing called yaffmap

Guido Iribarren (spam-protected)
Mon May 7 23:47:22 CEST 2012

On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 3:13 PM, Dennis Bartsch
<(spam-protected)> wrote:
> Hello Guido,
> I'm glad you like it.
Hi Dennis,
I took a peek at the files in
in order to evaluate the feasibility of adapting this to batman-adv,
and i got the impression it would take waaay more time and experience
I don't have right now :(
as i'm not using olsrd, sadly it won't find much use to the yaffmap

In any case, I definitely agree with the concepts you addressed, and I
also think it's overly important to have a centralised view of the PHY
since drivers are often very limited in the reporting capacity, and
offer an incomplete or narrow view, but if all those narrow views are
aggregated they give a picture much bigger than the sum of the parts.
(i normally try to get this "big picture" mentally, with 5 or 6 ssh
terminals onscreen running iw / iperf / etc, and even with this small
number of simultaneous data sources (limited by my humanness) I get
good insights - I can't imagine what would happen if I could see the
whole network at a glance!)

in other words:

>> >  gather all information that might
>> > help to understand why a link is as bad as it is. This includes to
>> > gather
>> > wireless scan results, the effective rate chosen/calculated by the
>> > wireless driver to a specific neighbour and so on

> Implementation-wise yaffmap may not satisfy the
> standards this interop project is aiming for.
> But it hopefully gives some inspiration for things which at least I really
> wanted to see on a central map server.

you're not alone :)



> Dennis

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