[Interop-dev] Hello list

Geneviève Bastien (spam-protected)
Sat May 5 01:00:58 CEST 2012

Hey there!

I'm from the Montreal community wireless networks.  I say it in plural 
because we've been operating île sans fil, a hotspot-based community 
network, for years now (and it is still running), but we're starting a 
community mesh network (http://mesh.openisp.ca).  We don't have that 
many nodes up yet, we're waiting for rain to stop and spring to finally 
arrive to climb on the roofs!

For now, we use a wiki to manually manage nodes.  We're planning to move 
to some administration backend soon.  We don't know which one yet.  I 
don't know if we should wait for the interop project to have some draft 
or just use one of the existing tool that fits most our beginner's needs.

Also, I'm a software developer and would like to participate in this 

I've helped develop the AuthPuppy authentication server 
(http://www.authpuppy.org) for île sans fil, which applies to a 
hotspot-based community model, but has its strength with an approach by 
plugin so one need only install what is necessary for its network.  It 
is based on the symfony framework, which is the php brother of django 
many of you use.


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