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Federico Capoano (spam-protected)
Sat Apr 28 07:52:11 CEST 2012

Il 28/04/2012 2.56, Guido Iribarren ha scritto:
> I think that's equally unambiguous :)
> But I really don't want to hijack the previous discussions and votings
> on the subject, so..
> if 'nodesoup' is not already engraved in stone, what do you think of
> FreedomStack?

I personally don't fancy this freedom / libre / liberty names cos they
remind projects like "freedombox" that aims at anonimity, privacy and
stuff like that.

Even names with the node prefix are a bit ambiguous because of the
famous "node.js", infact the map-server we developed in italy, nodeshot
has a namesake: http://nodeshot.tifftiff.de/ but that is a non-issue really.

If we want the name to be as much precise as possible, it should contain
the word net, so for example I think *netsoup* would be good.

  * netsoup
  * netwow
  * open netsoup
  * open network

I propose to find the best candidates on which there's consensus and do
a final vote in 3 weeks. We will have to start working on the code soon.
Names are written here:


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