[Interop-dev] Common node managment template

Gioacchino Mazzurco (spam-protected)
Wed Apr 25 14:00:09 CEST 2012

Hi all!

I have tried zabbix to monitor nodes but the problem is that zabbix
agent suffer memory leak on MIPS !!

More over it is not inter-operable with the map server so you have to
add same data (ipv6 address) more times,

So in the end trying to use zabbix was a failure but i learned a very
good thing from it

zabbix have is own monitoring protocol but it try to support also others
protocol(sadly a very little set), and moreover it uses template!!

In our networks we have a lot of devices with similar information so
having templating capabilities would be a killer feature for the common
map server, more over we can do them in a way that we use what kind of
firmware we want, openwrt, airos, mikrotik ecc ecc the template will
just teach the map server how to get the info from the device, i have
done a little prof of concept example for an openwrt device that is very
minimal, that device have nothing ( no snmp, no http ) just dropbear so
the template teach the map server to take info from it

so that i have attached is just a prof of concept but i think we have to
talk about that, keep in mind that you can use what you want inside that
template for example you can do

<property name="interfaces">
	<method name="get">
		snmp_get $host interfacces_oid


<property name="interfaces">
	<method name="get">
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